A Problem With Roosting Pigeons? Will Shock Track Work?

Anyone who has roosting pigeons on or in, their building will no doubt desire to remove and deter those birds in the quickest and safest way possible. Pigeons cause large amounts of unsightly mess that may also cause damage to buildings and vehicles – the uric acid in pigeon droppings may cause chemical erosion to take place. Pigeons love to roost on areas that are flat and even – you may then wonder if it is possible to deter roosting pigeons and will shock track work against them. Shock track is a bird deterrent designed to be installed in the areas where the birds roost; it gives a mild electric shock to any bird landing on it. It is hoped that this electric shock will be sufficient to prevent birds from taking up residence in the area.

Shock track is an extremely low profile deterrent – almost invisible from ground level – that can be bought in colors to match the building. It is intended to instill fear into any bird landing on it causing them to fly away and find somewhere else to roost. Shock track is extremely flexible and humane – the shock is mild and will do no harm to the bird, this type of deterrent should not, however, be installed in areas with pedestrian access.

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